OUT NOW: David Carretta - Vicious Game 2018 (GN115) by Sven

David Carretta – Vicious Game 2018 (GN115)

Vinyl Release Date: 09.02.2018

DGTL | Streaming Release Date: 25.02.2018


A1. Original Mix

A2. Mark Broom Remix

B1. S-File Remix

B2. Mr. Jones Remix

Played by Marcel Dettmann, The Hacker, Gary Beck, Paula Temple, Digitalism, Truncate, 2000 And One, Thomas Schumacher, B. Traits (BBC Radio 1), The Advent, Progression (UK), Luigi Madonna, Spartaque...

In the year 2001, David Carretta released his fantastic Domination EP on DJ Hell's label International Deejay Gigolo. Vicious Game was a huge success for Carretta and Gigolo. 17 years later we release the track with a new Interpretation from Carretta. The track is coming with a strong remix pack. Mark Broom better known with releases on his own label Beard Man and releases on Robert Hood's M-Plant, Blueprint, Ostgut Ton (to name a few) is coming with two smashing remixes. The second mix from him is coming out as digital only. As a part of the duo Unsubscribe with Dave Clarke, the dutch producer Mr. Jones delivered us a strong Industrial Techno Mix for the peak time Set's. Last remixer on the record is GND Label Head S-File. He remixed a year ago Carretta's Hit Never Control and have a huge Floor Filler record in 2017 with Shelter and Nu Life. That release is after the huge success of Never Control and Machines Invasion, a big highlight in the GND catalog. We hope that you are as much excited as we are about this new Carretta record!

S-File February 2018 Mix by Sven

Soundcloud Link: https://soundcloud.com/s-file/february-2018-mix

01. Disrupted Project - Velika Soba (Vakum)
02. Rene Wise - Hinder (Beard Man)
03. Inner Gritty - 112 (Format)
04. 4.26. - Free Upload (MDR)
05. Missing Channel - Onslaught (Fjaak Remix) (Fjaak)
06. Robert Hood - Transform (Dekmantel)
07. Cari Lekebusch & Nima Khak - Lost Prophet (H-Productions)
08. Benny Rodrigues - Cocaine Speaking (Alden Tyrell Remix) (UTTU)
09. Mark Reeve - Claustrophobic Part 4 (Sub Vision)
10. S-File - Tiger Chords (CDR)
11. Joaquin Ruiz - Extremist (Re:Axis Remix) (West Rules)
12. Cari Lekebusch - Rakas (H-Productions)
13. Miss Electric - Lemniskate (Advanced)
14. Rene Wise - Locomotion (Beard Man)
15. Yan Cook - Sand (Arts)
16. Fjaak - The Tube (Involve)
17. Mattia Trani - The Hi-Tech Mission (Head Front Panel Remix) (Pushmaster Disc)
18. Mark Reeve - Claustrophobic Part 3 (Sub Vision)
19. A Morgan - New Dimensions (Newrhythmic)
20. Pushmann - Black Code (Pacou Remix) (N&N)
21. Dimi Angelis - If I could Fly (Krill Music)
22. Pacou - Inbox (Propaganda Moscow)
23. Matt Saderlan - Matiz Falso (N&N)
24. Tensal - Marenga (Soma)
25. Orlando Voorn & Patrick Steger - Dungeon 1 (Frole)
26. Lone - Hyper Seconds (R&S)

1000 Berlin 36 - The Sound of West Berlin by Sven

01. Tuxedomoon - No Tears (Time Release Records) (1979)
02. P1E - 49 Second Romance (Exil-System) (1980)
03. Die Unbekannten - Radio War (Monogram) (1981)
04. Fad Gadget - Collapsing New People (Mute) (1983)
05. Intense Molecular Activity - Blurb (IMA) (1980)
06. The Normal - Warm Leatherette (Mute) (1978)
07. Mono 45 UPM - Romance Adieu, Bienvenue Realite (Exil-System) (1979)
08. Abwärts - Computerstaat (Zickzack) (1980)
09. Grauzone - Raum (Off Course) (1981)
10. Fehlfarben - Paul ist tot (EMI) (1980)
11. Bauhaus - Bela Lugosis Dead (Small Wonder) (1979)
12. Isolierband - Kontrolle (EMI) (1982)
13. Ideal - Erschiessen (WEA) (1981)
14. DAF - Der Mussolini (Turbo Turbo Rework) (Unreleased)

S-File -January 2018 Mix by Sven

01. Messiahwaits - Parlour (Oslated)
02. Splice - Magnetic (Non Series)
03. Lucas Freire - Steamroller (S-File Remix) (Devotion)
04. Simone Tavazzi - Trigonometry (Arts)
05. S-File - Shelter (GND Records)
06. David Carretta - Vicious Game 2018 (S-File Remix) (GND Records)
07. LSD - Process 1 (Ostgut Ton)
08. Dyad - Tacenda (Dyad)
09. Florian Meindl - Wild Sequence 2 (TWR72 Remix) (Flash)
10. H4L - Wild Hunt (Mark Broom Remix) (Astray)
11. DJ Deep - Night Scan (Propaganda Moscow)
12. Deniro - Penance (Trip)
13. Phase & Rodhad - Detonation Vertex (Token)
14. ENV3 - Typ16 (Artik Remix) (AYCB)
15. Zadig - Solar Analog (Propaganda Moscow)
16. David Carretta - Vicious Game 2018 (Mark Broom V2 Remix) (GND Records)
17. Avision - Choppin (Intec)
18. Ben Sims - Gently Drifting (Theory)
19. Dold - There (Mind Trip)
20. Tellurians - The Navigator (DJ Misjah Remix) (X-Trax)
21. Deniro - Discobedient (Trip)
22. Stenny - Corrupt 506 (Ilian Tape)

Dave Clarke's Fav. Techno Tracks of 2017 by Sven

We are really really proud that the Baron selected our tracks "Shelter" and "Unfold" as one of his fav. tunes in 2017 and play them again this coming weekend in his White Noise Show. Here is the full list for you:

TX 29/12 Best of Techno

Process 1 LSD
We Magnify His Name ( Mark Broom Dubplate Mix) Robert Hood // Floorplan
Shelter S-File
Analog Planet Industrialyzer
Process Truncate
Nephesh Robert Hood
Triplicity Dimi Angélis
Styge 1 Cari Lekebusch
Totem Mental Overdrive
Rocks On The Trax RIVA STARR
Famoo Funk Gary Beck
The Message Gene Farris
Soul Mode Purveyors of Fine Funk
Hood Thang 2000 and One
Booster ( Octave One Rework) Planetary Assault Systems
Elektrik Vince Watson
Ravage Bas Mooy
Pollinator Glenn Wilson
Aeon Jeroen Search
'Time Shifting' Hndrk
Unfold Turbo Turbo
Manipulator (Ben Long Spore Mix) Ade Fenton
Infiltrator Edge of Motion

OUT NOW: This is GND Vol. 8 by Sven

1. David Carretta – Never Control (S-File remix) 05:54
2. Turbo Turbo – Inner Walls (Dan Curtin remix) 05:52
3. S-File – Nu Life 06:01
4. Turbo Turbo – Bunker Rehearsal 04:50
5. Shadow Dancer – Strut (Mark Broom’s D remix) 05:45
6. Turbo Turbo & S-File – Refusion 05:07
7. Deadwalkman – Purple Chord (Gotshell remix) 05:27
8. Turbo Turbo – Roarr 05:46
9. P-Ben – Reconverse 06:30
10. S-File – Transmission (S-File 1Hundred mix) 05:39
11. Discord – West Regular 06:23
12. S-File – This Is GND Vol 8 (continuous DJ mix) 40:08

OUT NOW: Housemeister - RLTYRSCUE (GN114) by Sven

Housemeister – RLTYRSCUE (GN114)

Vinyl Release Date: 07.11.2017

DGTL | Streaming Release Date: 30.11.2017

A1. Epsilon (Original Mix)

A2. Epsilon (Ray Kajioka Remix)

B1. RLTYRSCUE (Original Mix)

B2. RLTYRSCUE (Paul Mac Remix)

Played by Ben Sims, Nastia, Laurent Garnier, Marcel Dettmann, Rodhad, Efdemin, Mark Broom, Marcel Fengler, Rolando, 2000 And One, Paula Temple, Truncate, Keith Carnal, Ilario Alicante, Luigi Madonna, Spartaque, Roberto, Dan Curtin, S-File, Turbo Turbo, Progression (UK), Mr. Jones, Johannes Volk, Arnaud Le Texier, DJ Hyperactive, Thomas Schumacher, DJ Pete, Unbalance, Heron, Charlotte De Witte, Phlippe Petit, HD Substance...

We are proud to have AYCB Label Head, Boys Noize Artists and Berlin Techno legend Housemeister on GND! Housemeister delivered us a heavy two tracker with two fantastic remixes. Epsilon is remixed by Kanzerlamt and Cocoon Artist Ray Kajioka. On the flip side we have a smashing remix from the Stimulus boss and UK Techno legend Paul Mac. In combination with these two excellent original tunes, we are proud to release this big record. We hope that you are as much excited as we are about this new Housemeister record!


S-File | Shelter Mix by Sven

01. Function - F3 (A-Ton)
02. Johannes Heil Feat. Markus Suckut - Gospel 12 (Odd Even)
03. Housemeister - Epsilon (Ray Kajioka Remix) (GND Records)
04. Mattias Fridell - Physical Facts (Gynoid)
05. Johannes Heil - Gospel Eleven (Odd Even)
06. Paul Mac & Kryptic Minds - Icon (Tactical)
07. Johannes Heil - Gospel Seven (Odd Even)
08. Ben Sims - Rippin' & Skippin' (Deeply Rooted)
09. Rod Malmok - Blackstabber (Clone)
10. Seph - Aces (Dumb Unit)
11. Cleric - Arctic Circle (Soma)
12. DJ Rush - Slide on By (Knee Deep)
13. Cosmin Trg - Afterburn (Sportiv)
14. 0010x0010 - Alien Love Syndrome (AYCB)
15. Johannes Heil - Gospel Nine (Odd Even)
16. Ben Sims - Acid O.D. (Deeply Rooted)
17. Dax J - Late Night Mistress (Klockworks)
18. Flug - Lights Go Off (Nachtstrom Schallplatten)
19. S-File - Shelter (GND Records)
20. Vincent - How I Feel (Klockworks)

OUT NOW: S-File - Shelter (GN113) by Sven

S-File – Shelter (GN113)

Vinyl Release Date: 02.10.2017

DGTL | Streaming Release Date: 30.10.2017

A1. Shelter

A2. Broken

Played by Ben Sims, Dave Clarke, Laurent Garnier, Pan-Pot, Marcel Dettmann, Len Faki, Perc, Gary Beck, MArk Broom, Truncate, Spartaque, Francois X, Marcel Fengler, Funk D'Void, B. Traits, Housemeister, Dan Curtin, Danny Tenaglia, Felix da Housecat, Turbo Turbo, The Advent, A. Paul, Mr. Jones, Johannes Volk, Echoplex, Lucas Freire, DJ Feadz, Goldfox, Deadwalkman...

S-File is back with his second record in this year. Broken and Shelter is his new double a side record. Shelter is a monster tune with a catchy old skool vox hook, that guaranteed work on the dance floor. Ben Sims played them early in his NTS Live Show and also the Baron of Techno, Dave Clarke played the track as opener in his Tomorrowland 2017 set. He sayed also in his White Noise Show: This is a weapon for all festivals. The second track on the record is a catchy broken beats tune with a catchy chord hook. We hope that you are as much excited as we are about his new record!

Dave Clarke - Fuse Brussel 16.09.17 by Sven

Fuse, Brussels, BE 16 September 2017 / Birthday Party

Planetary Assault Systems - Desert Races (Mote Evolver - MOTE050)
Bas Mooy - Ravage (Mord - MORDBOX002)
Truncate - Process (Blueprint - BP 049)
Club MCM - Club MCM (K.A. Happy Mixx) (Rhythm Beat – RB 203)
Ade Fenton - Manipulator (Ben Long Spore Mix) (Advanced - ADV050)
Lewis Fautzi - Stagger (Figure - FIGURE89)
Richie Hawtin - Minus Orange (A. Mochi Re-Edit) (CDr)
Autonation - Sparkle (Cue Records - TCUE009)
E-Dancer - Speaker Punishing (The Dirty Mix) (Incognito Records - IR-008)
Cari Lekebusch - Styge 1 (H. Productions - HYB032)
Donna Summer - I Feel Love (Sterac Instrumental Dub) (Raw Meat Records Inc. - RM 004)
Depeche Mode - Where's The Revolution (Terence Fixmer Spatial Mix) (Columbia - 88985 42003 1)
Dj Hell - Anything, Anytime (Argy's Straight Outta Hell Remix) (International Deejay Gigolo Records - 10124865)
A. Mochi - Seek & Destroy (Liquid Drop Groove - LDG002)
Anthony Rother - Back Home (Datapunk - DTP 1-6)
Slam - Stepback (Kenny Larkin Panic Room Remix) (Soma Quality Recordings - SOMADA113)
Pépé Bradock - Deep Burnt (Kif Recordings - KIF.S.A 008)
This Ain't Chicag - Ride The Rhythm (Acid Not Placid) (Club - JABX 72)
Posthuman Feat. Josh Caffe - Temptation (Dixon Avenue Basement Jams - DABJ 1226)
Phuture - Phuture Jacks (Trax - TX142)
M. E. - Ride (Trax Records - TX176)
Robert Hood - Nephesh (Dekmantel - DKMNTL050)
Meng Syndicate - Sonar System (Music Man Records - MMI9071)
Dimi Angelis - Triplicity (Angls - ANGLS006)
Unknown Artist - Nostalgica (Perspektiv - PERSPEKTIV002)
S-File - Shelter (GND Records - GN113)
Envoy - Dark Manoeuvres (Soma Quality Recordings - SOMA042)
Jeroen Search - Karuna (Figure SPC - FIGURE SPC Z)
MD III - Personal Problem (Underground - UN 111)
Ben Mays - Lover Man (Lover Man) (Sunset Records Inc - SUN-2782)
Tim Wolff - Brocco Lee (CDr)
Flug - Space Buildings (Mord - MORDBOX002)
Dave Clarke Feat. Mark Lanegan - Charcoal Eyes (Glass Tears) (Terence Fixmer Remix) (Skint - 4050538334098)
Nitzer Ebb - Join In The Chant (Knarz Is Machine) (NovaMute - 12NoMu42)
Beta Evers - Move In My Body Rhythm (Kommando 6 - K6-XX)
Kalter Ende - Near Of The Moon (Android Muziq - ANDROID194)
Carl Craig - At Les (Christian Smith's Hypnotica Remix) (Tronic - TR53)
Vince Watson - Elektrik (Astropolis Records - AR07)
Midfield General - Coatnoise (Dave Clarke Remix) (Skint - SKINT62)
Candido - Jingo (Excaliber Records Ltd. - EXCL 102)
Unknown Artist - Untitled (CDr)
Gary Beck - Shadow Bounce (Bek Audio - BEK029)
Millsart - Step To Enchantment (Stringent) (Axis - AX 004)
Phase - The Hyperorganism (Token - TOKEN3)
T.Linder & Blak Tony - Respect (Detroit Techno Militia - DTM 03)
Phase - The Hyperorganism (Token - TOKEN3)
Rob Gibson - Hutch (Advanced - ADV037)
The Sisters Of Mercy - Lucretia My Reflection (WEA - 247 888-0)
Rob Gibson - Hutch (Advanced - ADV037)
Fixmer & McCarthy - You Want It (Dave Clarke Remix) (Planete Rouge Records - PLR05002)
Trunkline - WDB (Trunkline - TRUNK03)
Carl Taylor - Debbie's Groove (Robert Hood Remix) (EPM Music - EPM02V)
Mark Broom - King (Gary Beck Remix) (EPM Music - EPM17V)
Subradeon - Work That Shit (CDr)
Malik Alston & Ray 7 - I.D.F.D.F.I. (Truth Manifest Records - TMR-007)
Floorplan - He Can Save You (M-Plant - M.PM28LP)
Suburban Knight - The Warning (Dj 3000 Remix) (Motech Records)
Rolando - Tunnel Vision (Truncate Dub) (R3 Roland Rocha Records - CDr)
Unknown Artist - Untitled (CDr)
Scott Walker - The Old Man's Back Again (Dedicated To The Neo-Stalinist Regime) (Philips - SBL 7913)
Dave Clarke - Thunder (Deconstruction - 74321 306991)
Perc - To The Bone (Mord - MORDBOX002)
Edge Of Motion - Infiltrator (Edge Of Motion - EOM002)

OUT NOW Deadwalkman - Mathematical Chords (GN112) by Sven

Deadwalkman – Mathematical Chords (GN112)

Digital Release Date: 29.09.2017

1. Purple Chord

2. Purple Chord (Gotshell Remix)

3. Unter Dem Baum

4. Dancing in Melmac

Played by Marcel Dettmann, Pan-Pot, Marcel Fengler, Orlando Voorn, Amelie Lens, Truncate, Thomas Schumacher, Spartaque, Bas Mooy, Mr Jones, Unbalance, Luigi Madonna, Echoplex, Housemeister, Dinamite, Turbo Turbo, S-File, Progression UK, Johannes Volk, B. Traits, Patrick DSP, Sintek, HD Substance, Charlotte de Witte, Philippe Petit, Lucas Freire, Fernanda Martins...

After his last EP on GND and releases on Berlin's AYCB, Deadwalkman resident of the famous Baum Club from Bogota Colombia, bring us a fresh new release. Mathematical Chords is called his new 3 Tracker incl. a remix from Colombia's Gotshell. Pick up you favorite track and play them loud!

Gary Beck #97 EPM Podcast by Sven

EPM Podcast 97 Tracklist – Gary Beck

FULL DOWNLOAD MP3 + Interview klick here

1. Gary Beck - Sendos

2. S-File - Shelter

3. Alias - Untitled

4. Planetary Assault Systems - Desert Races

5. DJ Shufflemaster – ReWeekender (Gary Beck Remix)

6. Mark Broom - King (Gary Beck Remix)

7. Adonis - We're Rocking Down the House (Gary Beck Bootleg)

8. Gary Beck - Just One More

9. Gary Beck - Sythen

10. Gary Beck - NTX

11. Flug - Space Buildings

12. Hardfloor - Rosininbrot (Gary Beck Bootleg)

13. Gary Beck - Santos Basin

14. Vonda7 - Cuckoo Night (Berlin Version)

15. Gary Beck - Patio

16. Jeroen Search - Explaine Variation

S-File - DJ Set Live Recording by Sven

Here is a Clip of S-File's 3h Set in Mannheim last weekend.

01. David Carretta - Machines Invasion (Turbo Turbo Remix) (GND Records)
02. Cleric - Artic Circle (Soma Records)
03. DJ Bone - Black Patterns (Len Faki (OFFICIAL) Remix) (LF)
04. Avision - Dub Trip (Beard Man)
05. Robert Hood - The Bond we Formed (Soma)
06. S-File - Shelter (GND Records)
07. Truncate - Organ Trax (Be As One Imprint)
08. Ben Sims - Gently Drive (Theory)
09. Steve Pointdexter - Work MF