OUT NOW: David Carretta - Machines Invasion (GN111) by Sven Strenger

David Carretta – Machines Invasion (GN111)

Vinyl Release Date: 08.08.2017

Digital Release Date: 28.08.2017

A1. Original Mix (Remastered)

A2. Turbo Turbo Remix

Played by Dave Clarke, DJ Hell, Marcel Dettmann, The Hacker, 2000 And One, Dario Zenker, Dubfire, Mark Broom, Marcel Fengler, Marco Bailey, Gary Beck, Funk D'Void, Richie Hawtin, Felix da Housecat, Chris Liebing, Unbalance, Mr Jones, DJ Pete aka Substance, Keith Carnal, B Traits,  Echoplex, Bas Mooy, Luigi Madonna, Illario Alicante, Spartaque, Louisahhh, Sintek, DJ Hyperactive, Philippe Petit, Patrick DSP, Dany Rodriguez, DJ Feadz, Arnaud Le Texier, Progression UK, Madben...

In the year 2000, David Carretta released his fantastic Machine is Breading EP on the french label Thrust. Machines Invasion was a huge success for Carretta. 17 years later we release the track again on 12inc and for the very first time as Digital with a new remastered version and a powerful new Turbo Turbo Remix. That release is after the huge success of Never Control, a big highlight in this years GND catalog. We hope that you are as much excited as we are about this new old Carretta record!

S-File Mix 08|17 by Sven Strenger

S-File mixed a new Tape with much new and unreleased tunes. His next record will be release in October this year!

01. Mark Broom - King (EPM Music)
02. Avision - That's My Sh*t (Beard Man)
03. Robert Hood - The Bond we Formed (Soma)
04. S-File - Shelter (GND Records)
05. Truncate - Organ Trax (Be As One)
06. Avision - Dub Trip (Beard Man)
07. Electric Rescue - Subway (Rex Club Music)
08. Ben Sims - Jack Trax 1 (Club Lonely)
09. D_Know - Xodarap (Klienfeld Remix) (Knowledge)
10. Hypah - Believe in Me (CDR)
11. Milos - Away Days (Receptive Visions)
12. Works Unit - Insulation One (Works Unit)
13. Deadwalkman - Purple Chord (GND Records)
14. Slam - Like This (Soma)
15. Radio Slave - Feel The Same (Floorplan Remix 2) (Rekids)
16. Milos - Reconery Flight (Receptive Visions)
17. Mattias Fridell - Regelbundet Slarv (P.E.A.R.L. Remix) (Gynoid)
18. David Carretta - Machines Invasion (Turbo Turbo Remix) (GND Records)
19. Yan Cook - Indigo (Ear to Ground)
20. Joton - Dystopic Dreams (Newrhythmix)
21. Niereich - The Empty Page (100% Pure)
22. Funk D'Void - 808 Planet (Soma)

Machines Invasion Night by Sven Strenger

16.09.17 MS Connexion Mannheim (Germany)

OUT NOW: P-Ben - Another Stage (GN110) by Sven Strenger

P-Ben – Another Stage (GN110)

Digital Release Date: 26.06.2017

1. Stage (Original Mix)

2. Reconverse (Original Mix)

3. Inside Floor (Original Mix)

Played by Richie Hawtin, 2000 And One, Roberto, Rolando, Thomas Schumacher, Ilario Alicante, Arnaud Le Texier, Darren Emerson, Rolando, Echoplex, Mr Jones, Truncate, Progression, Spartaque, Amelie Lens, Charlotte de Witte, Sintek, DJ Hyperactive, Turbo Turbo, Paul Nazca, Submerge, HD Substance, Dr Motte, Dany Rodriguez, DJ 3000, Heron, Philippe Petit, Patrick DSP, Louisahhh...

After releases on Arts, Flash, KMS, Motech and Detone,  we are proud to present the brand new release from the french producer P-Ben. 3 excellent Techno tunes that blow the dance floors all over the world away. We hope that you are as much excited as we are about this new Release from P-Ben. Pick up you favorite track and play them loud!T NOW: P-Ben - Another Stage (GN110)

GND Radio #59 with P-Ben (16.06.2017) by Sven Strenger

01. Vangelis - Blade Runner Movie Theme
02. Dany Rodriguez - Acid Tribute (Rmr)
03. Onyvaa - Printemps (Passeport)
04. P-Ben - Aftermind (Flash)
05. Absent - The Escape (Ru Wired)
06. P-Ben - Stage (GND Records)
07. P-Ben - Trust In The Mood (Flash)
08. Dolby D & Gayle San - Dream & Nightmare (Dolma)
09. Saytek - Bleeps N Squeeks (Live) (Detone)
10. Dj Surgeles - 28000 Light Years (Jeroen Search Remix 1) (Nast Temper)
11. P-Ben - Multi (Groove Factory)
12. Discret Circuit - Recursive Decent (Mark Broom Edit) (Beardman)
13. Mark Broom - Myth (Absent Remix) (Epm)
14. Dario Sorano & DKult - Solar (Kombination Research)
15. Birth Of Frequency - Gate (Oscar Mulero Remix) (PoleGroup)
16. Angel Alanis & Maria Goetz - Ls Sugar (Kombination Research)
17. Oscar Mulero - In Full Circle (Pole Groupe)
18. P-Ben - Kaguraden (Motech)
19. Deas - Memory Scan (Off Record)
20. P-Ben - Kiganbun - Motech
21. Mark Broom - One Sound (Dj Hyperactive) (Epm)
22. Floorplan - Ritual (Epm)
23. Introversion - Block 4 (Arts)
24. A.Paul & Matt Mus - DRNK (Kombination Research)
25. Robert Hood - The Family (M-Plant)
26. P-Ben - Inside Floor (GND Records)
27. P-Ben - Voodoo Child (Planet Rhythm)
28. Mark Broom - One Sound (Epm)
29. Secret Cinema & Point Blank - Meng’s Theme (1994 Original Re-Mastered) (Green)

Carretta Live Show 2017 by Sven Strenger

David Carretta release in August his second record on GND. After the success of Never Control, Machines Invasion is coming with a fresh remaserting and a new Turbo Turbo remix in the Shops. One more record is planed for end of the year.  David present a fresh new Live Show this summer on some french Festivals. We are proud to present some show in Autum this year. More details, dates and Videos coming soon ojn this site!

GND Radio #53 (08.05.2017) by Sven Strenger

01. Roman Poncet - Caje (Skryptom)
02. P-Ben - Stage (GND Records)
03. Noah Gibson - Roar (MDR)
04. Electric Rescue - Together (Skryptom)
05. Mark Henning - Red Steppa (Swing)
06. D_Know - Initials II (Messiahwaits Remix) (Knowledge)
07. Miki Craven - 1984 (The Advent Dub) (Materia)
08. Discrete Circuit - Recursive Decent (Mark Broom Edit) (Beard Man)
09. Leandro Gamez - Qssett (P.E.A.R.L. Remix 2) (Sub TL)
10. Johannes Volk - Wrong Prophecy (Suburban Avenue)
11. Truncate - Terminal 5 (Blueprint)
12. S-File - Nu Life (GND Records)
13. David Carretta - Machines Invasion (Turbo Turbo Remix) (GND Records)
14. DisX3 - Heroes (Joey Beltram Remix) (Nachtstrom)
15. Pacou - 9616 (Tresor)
16. J. Fernandes - Dark Nightmare (Kne'Deep)
17. Discrete Circuit - Dusty Road Part 2 (Beard Man)
18. S-File - Switch (GND Records)
19. P-Ben - Reconverse (GND Records)
20. Samuli Kemppi - Dads Old DS8 (Technorama)
21. David Carretta - Machines Invasion (Original Remastered) (GND Records)
22. Fiedel - S-Drive (Ostgut Ton)