Manchester-based Brothers Paul & Al Farrier having been writing music together since their childhood. They have released several EPs on the Boynsoize Records label, and in 2009 the “Golden Traxe” LP (Future Music ‘Album of the Month’). They have subsequently a made a diverse range of space age electronica, acid house and techno for a variety of labels, including Turbo Recordings and Unknown To The Unknown. Their releases have received acclaim from Erol Alkan, Jacques Lu Cont, Funk D’Void, Dave Clarke and Laurent Garnier. They have remixed acts such as Chromeo, Gonzales, Zombie Nation, Boys Noize, Altern 8 and Damian Lazarus, and DJed at clubs and festivals around the world. In September 2014 they will release their second album, ‚Brothers In Arps‘. This album reflects their continuing love of Detroit techno, house, electronica and ambient music.

REX CLUB (Paris)
FUSE (Brussel)
MELT! FESTIVAL (Gräfenhainchen)
MYSTEREYLAND (Netherlands)
FABRIC (London)

THE WHIP // Muzzle No. 1 (Southern Fried Records, 2007)
LONGCUT // You Got The Love (Melodic, 2007)
ADAM SKY // We Are All Prostitutes (Exploited, 2007)
SPLITTR // All Alone (Eye Industries, 2007)
CHROMEO // Needy Girl (Vice Records, 2008)
THE FAINT // The Geeks Were Right (Boysnoize Records, 2008)
MISSILL // Glitch Feat. Jahcoozi (Citizen Records, 2008)
TRACKADEMICKS // Enjoy What You Do (Fools Gold, 2008)
SUICIDE CLUB // Sous Acides Club (Dga Fau Records, 2008)
ME MY HEAD // White Lights (Playtowork, 2008)
BOYS NOIZE // Shine Shine (White Label, 2008)
DOLBY ANOL // Heather, I’m Dry (Tigerbass Records, 2009)
AUTOKRATZ // Always More (Kitsune Music, 2009)
ZOMBIE NATION // Mystery Meat Affair (Turbo Rec., 2009)
FISCHERSPOONER // We Are Electric (FS Studios, 2010)
FREELAND // Strange Things (Marine Parade, 2010)
LAZERSONIC & ZAK FROST // Levels (Eye Industries, 2010)
BOYS NOIZE // Nott (Boysnoize Records, 2010)
GONZALES // You Can Dance (Gentle Threat, 2011)
JOKERS OF THE SCENE // Black Mountie (Fools Gold, 2012)
ZOD // Rise Before Zod (Rebellion, 2012)
FLORIAN MEINDL // What Is Techno (Flash, 2012)
PHOTONZ // Veracruz (Unknown To The Unknown, 2012)
BLATTA & INESHA // F1 (Bad Life, 2012)
AUDIONITE // What’s The Count (White Label, 2013)
TURBO TURBO & S-FILE // Headhunter (GND Records, 2013)
HENZEL & DISCO NOVA + NT89 // Zion (Teenage Riot, 2013)
DRAAG with G-23 // Jack On Acid (Black Nite, 2013)
RITUEL // Club Zanzibar (Micronautics, 2013)
ALTERN 8 // Evapor-8 (Come With Me) (Network, 2013)